Back to School has us ready for FALL !!

I LOVE FALL!! I love bonfires, football, sweaters, crisp air, and of course all the colors. I could never live anywhere that doesn't have seasons. I look forward to all of them, but fall has my heart.

Life has its seasons too. I am moving into a different season personally. My baby boy is a senior in high school this year. My oldest son is a senior at UTK, and my middle son is figuring out his path and purpose. I am a single parent now and want more than ever to show them support in everything they do. I want to be present and show them that we can make a new normal.



God knew I was heading into a different season personally and He planted the seed to grow Triple D Designs Co. I have never taken any credit for my business. I was just open to listening and stepping out. I was scared at first...I mean who would have thought I would have so many amazing ladies (and a few men) come into my basement workshop to paint pretty door hangers? I am so thankful for all the new friends I have made! I have appreciated all the prayers, hugs, notes, gifts, thoughtfulness and new friends. I am humbled by my amazing support system. Y'all are the best! 



If you know me, you know I have always loved to make pretty things! It truly feeds my soul. I realized through the paint workshops that I love to teach people and show them how they can make pretty things as well. So many of you have come here with little to no artistic talent and left here with the biggest smiles and so proud of what you made. You just needed some instruction, guidance and confidence! 

Life gets busy. You may be too far from me to attend a workshop or not have a sitter. Or let's just face it...maybe you just want to stay at home! I get it. I am working on ways to still teach you, still make pretty things, and still get to know you! Triple D Designs Co is going to start offering many options to meet the needs of the beginner painter, the advanced, the in-between, and the ones that want just order too. We will still be offering pre-orders, promotions, our live sales, closed group painting and limited paint workshops.

Get ready! We are so excited! We are ready to grow with you! We are kicking off a new selling platform that will make it easy to shop, order and snag a deal! The first pre-order, and promo is coming today. Watch our timeline! Don't miss out!